Summer is finally here! Let me bring you to the paradise I have discovered on my previous travel. The Island of Jomalig in Quezon province.


At first I was hesitant to join my friends to this island when I found out that it’s going to be a 5-hour boat ride just to get to the island. Yes, you read it right. A 5-hour boat ride to the island can be so tiring and boring that you got nothing to do on board plus a chance to have sea sickness. BUT, it is all worth it when you reach the stunning island.



Conquering the island with my wear and bare Austin rucksack.


Sorry but I need a shot on the boat even this vessel won’t board because of the Gail warning.


So here we go, we got stranded on this island because the coast guard won’t allow us to travel because of the gale warning. But nonetheless, we just enjoyed our 1-daye vacation extension in this magnificent place as it is not as crowded as other famous islands here in the Philippines. Yes, you can actually take a photo of yourself here without the intervention of any other tourists as photo bombers.



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